Join our Team, Gain a Family

Joining a unit is one of the best ways to not just get involved at Citizens of Light Church but also become a significant member of our large family. From welcoming guests to leading worship, keeping order and the likes, we will help you find the best team to serve in.


Everyone one loves a warm welcome home or welcome back home, and this team takes ushering to another level.
What if you’re the reason someone is looking forward to church every week? You never know. Join and make a difference one smile at a time.

Ambience Jewel

An atmosphere of heartfelt worship is an easy one for the seamless move of God through his visible acts and teaching. In every service, across our three campuses, our church is led by spirit filled, talented and committed minstrels who create a memorable worship experience for all present.


One of our core values is reaching out and we do this with communicable passion. This team makes sure our community is undeniably aware of us as they help to lead the lost people to Jesus every week. Do you think this is one way you’d like to impact your community? You can press join to begin.


We cannot be timid, quiet or too humble to let the world know the great things God is doing in our midst. We want everyone alive to enjoy this message of freedom that we enjoy. Will you help us tell it to the whole world? You can do it more with this team.

Watch Tower

We take every step by faith, swinging God’s word as we move but we are not exposed. You will be an important part of our impact as you join this team to shield the entire fold of Citizens of Light Church is prayer.

Double Diamond

Do you consider yourself a great host? What better place to leverage your natural essence than the family of God’s people. You will play an important role in making our guests feel comfortable as they become a part of our growing fold.

Atrium Church

Be a part of shaping the next generation by engaging kids with the Gospel to help them build their faith. Work directly with children through Bible stories, songs and group activities, or work behind the scenes to provide the best experience possible for kids and parents.

Sanctuary Keepers

No one is ever worried about a dusty chair because of our efficient house keeping. Worshipping God is made conducive because of their excellent maintenance routine practices. Help the fold experience church unusual, will you?

Ready to Serve?