Areo Olumuyiwa is the Lead Pastor of Citizens of Light Church. He is an adept teacher of the word of God with contemporary relevance.


The Bible says, “For a soul to be without knowledge is not good”. Knowledge is what determines how far and how well we live.


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We are raising generations of believers across the world, who are liberated through the light of God’s Word, to live a lifestyle of freedom, and establish the reign of God’s kingdom in all they do and everywhere they go. We can say the heart of our assignment is Freedom, Liberation, Emancipation. These are the things that govern most of the things we do. Freedom is the core of our message.


One of the most important things in a practical text book is the aspect of showing examples on how things are to be done. When a good student go through these examples thoroughly with the help of a tutor, it is almost impossible for him not to excel in the exams. The same apply to the examination of life; Jesus Christ, the son of God, became so many things for the sake of believers, so we could study his life and with the help of the Holy Spirit reproduce that same victorious life on earth. In this book, Muyiwa Areo, expounds in careful details the becomings of Jesus in such a manner that anybody can understand and will love to read.


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